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Bespoke seed Favor Packets  help to make your event extraordinary!  If you have specific color & theme ideas for your social or corporate event, Bespoke seed favor packets are tailor made to your specifications which allows you to be part of the design process. 

You work directly with our in house designer to create just the right look for your wedding or next social or corporate event

This process begins with a consultation via email or phone,  so that we can get a clear idea of your style and personal vision.  We prefer to work extremely close with you during this process to insure that your design truly reflects you.

The design for your Bespoke Seed Packet Favors  are executed with the utmost care & impeccable taste.

A design for your Bespoke Seed Favor Packets  begin at $60.00;  depending on the complexity of the design and the clarity of the project . This is a one time design  fee. 
It is NOT  the cost for each inidividual packet!

Our in house designer has an impressive roster of clients both private, public and governmental,  so you will be receiving detail oriented, hand rendered, high quality, professional custom artwork, not generic clip art. Bespoke services cannot be rushed, so please allow yourself a fair amount of time for this personalized and creative process.
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Bespoke personalized custom Seed or Tea Favor Packet Design

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#BESPOKE-SEED-PACKETS Bespoke Seed Packets

Bespoke Seed Packets for the visionary client.

Please be as specific as possible when commissioning our art dept. for your Bespoke Seed Packets (eg; color preferences, themes, ideas, type of event, etc.). The more detail you can provide on the type of design that you require, the easier it will be for us to assist you. (eg: blue teacup for a country wedding, pink balloons for baby shower, etc.) & styles (eg: contemporary, victorian, Luxe, etc.).

Please note:  Bespoke Seed Packets start at $40.00 (for front of packet only. Custom alterations to the back of packet will incur a seperate set up fee) and go up according to detail and complexity. Although your Shopping Cart will reflect the starting base price of just $40.00 you may receive an invoice for an additional amount if your design is elaborate.

If you would like your Price Quote before putting your request in the Shopping Cart & paying for it,
please contact us first.

The cost for our Bespoke Service is just for the custom design.
 Seed packets are an addtl. $2.00 each.