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When only the very best will do, we offer this exquisite Lavender and Purple Flowers design as either a Wedding Guest Sign in Scroll or Quaker Marriage Certificate with Calligraphy lettering, enhanced with soft flowing watercolor on the historic and luxurious rich Crane Co. paper.

Lavender and Purple Flowers, with gentle and light flourishes set the tone for your elegant event.
This romantic Sign In Scroll will definitely have your wedding guests talking!

Now, a brief bit of history:
Crane paper has been used for over 200 years  including  by the one and only, Paul Revere, whose engraved banknotes on this paper helped to finance the Revolution! This extraordinary paper has  been used by banks, government proclamations, stocks and bonds and also as the U.S. currency! Crane paper has also been used by such dignitaries as Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and Englands Royal family, including invitations sent out by the Queen Mum herself!

As if this was not impressive enough, all of the artwork on these certificates was designed by  fine art artist Lorise.  Her work has been commissioned by government officials, has been featured in various magazines and is  held in , private,  public and governmental collections.
If you are seriously looking for  a timeless, unmatched and  one of a kind wedding sign in scroll look no further. This is elegance at it's absolute best.

Lavender and Purple Flowers Wedding  Guest Sign In Scroll or Quaker Marriage Certificate giclee on a pearl white finish Crane Co. Watercolor paper, mounted on a complimentary understated Strathmore Eggshell paper. Finished size is 16" x 20" ready to frame.
No two pieces are exactly alike!

You will receive via email, a digital sample proof. Once you have confirmed that the sample proof  names, dates, etc, are correct and you have approved of it, then the rest of the work on your personalized wedding certificate/sign in scroll will begin!

#WEDLAVENDERFLOWERSSIGNINSCROLLCERT1 Lavender and Purple Flowers with Calligraphy Lettering and Watercolor Wedding Guest Sign in Scroll or Marriage Certificate


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