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We here at not only offer Tea Favors, we're huge tea lovers as well,
which is why we only offer tea that we ourselves drink (large amounts of!) :>)

Our Tea Favor Packets can be personalized free and are a nice blend of Black Tea with  perfect notes of Orange Pekoe.
When combined they make  a great all around drink anytime of the day.

View the full line of tea packets here.

Furthermore, the  tea bags in our tea favors do not contain hanging tags, string or staples
as these items
only help to contribute to extra waste in landfills and are not at all necessary.
Ours are enclosed in sealed breathe through fibers.
We care about the planet and try to leave as soft a footprint as possible.

We hope you'll try our personalized tea favors whether you're having a tea party, wedding
or any of life's milestone events. You'll be glad that you did.