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Here at Party Favor Website we respect your privacy, completely.
We do NOT rent,  sell or share any of your information.
Because we ourselves do not appreciate being added to lists unless we have requested to do so,
your info will not be used in any way, shape or form to be solicited.

Of course, if you have filled out our Newseltter form requesting to be kept up to speed on our sales and coupons,
you will receive a periodic email from us (every 2-4 weeks)
but we do not inundate anyone, ever. If you ever wish to have your info taken off of our list
we are very happy to honor your wishes.

In addition,  if you place an order with us, even your credit card info is private
as we ourselves do not have access to it.
 It goes directly through the merchant service, without our ever having seen it. 
How's that for being private? :>)

You have enough to worry about planning an event.
You're safe here.