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Art studio tour of designer Lorise

Front door to studio, sitting atop an original one room school house, circa 1797!

Artist Lorise StudioTour

Where many of the original ideas are first fleshed out

Designer Illustrator Lorise Studio tour

Watercolor, colored pencils, pastels, acrylics and oils.

A perfect place to spend time!

View of Catskill Mountain upstate NY artist Lorise studio

Some views of the property in the gorgeous Catskill Mountains of upstate New york.

Fox, Rabbit, Deer, Chipmunks, Porcupines, Skunk, Weasels, Beaver, an assortment of birds and

even an occasional Bear pass through here almost daily.

In the Spring the place comes to life with an ssortment of  flower gardens and vegetables

both in the greenhouse and on the property!